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 Wargaming fun facts from the WoT forum

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PostSubject: Wargaming fun facts from the WoT forum   Wed 09 Nov 2016, 07:55

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PostGhostPrime, on Apr 13 2016 - 15:39, said:

Hello Tankers!

We would like to share with you some very interesting facts about World of Tanks!

World of Tanks NA is home to 20,466 clans and growing.​ 3,547,115 people have played at least one battle on the NA server.
A total of 106,863,058 battles played, including special battles such as tournaments and team battles but not including training sessions.
Over the last 5 years 51,586,785 tanks have been unlocked.
Over the last 5 years tanks have been acting like lumberjacks by knocking down 2,828,251,828 trees. Timmmmmber!
A total of 7,170,931,205 shots were fired last year alone.
1,687,191,830 of those shots were blocked and 2,866,049,201 totally missed.
25,251,038 of these shots set enemies on fire. Burn baby, burn!

Let’s take a look at the carnage that went down last year:

- Light Tanks destroyed 84,696,074 enemy vehicles. Not including all the enemies you spotted for enemy fire. Not bad scouts!

- Medium wolf packs were able to take down 152,889,349 enemies.

- Tank Destroyers have sniped 134,577,952 enemies, watch out for tanks behind bushes!

- Artillery has cleared 53,820,463 enemies from the battlefield.

- Heavy tanks have mowed down a total of 163,363,604 enemy tanks.

Earning a total of 275,564,935,631 base experience over the course of last year!

These are some amazing facts about World of Tanks!

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Wargaming fun facts from the WoT forum
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