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PostSubject: Portal Welcome   Portal Welcome I_icon_minitimeTue 08 Nov 2016, 11:14

Portal Welcome Lion_tank_1

LION- Recruits players with ( 3 ) Tier 6 and at least one Tier 8 ( or 7 if they can be to eight in a month). MANDATORY that they have Team Speak 3 and be on it during game play. Need to be on 2-3 times a week. Need to Listen and be a team player. Have at least 1000 games (exceptions can be made if we like you )

Quote :
Are you a Unicum, do you have a winrate of over 60%, is your PR 8000 and your win8 2500, if so then Lion- clan is probably not for you, although we would love to have you and we would love to be able to call ourselves Unicum's, we prefer to just have fun, with people we get along with, make fun of each other and not have to deal with the drama. So if your looking for a drama free way of spending you evening with some old guys, some not so old guys, some that are in-between and some that are not guys at all, then maybe you can find a home in our clan.

Please submit an application IG to Lion- clan at World Of Tanks or create an Application here with your IG name and one of our recruiters can send out a clan invite to you.
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Portal Welcome
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